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Cruise for Free

Are you the type of person that loves to organize people and events? Do you love to travel? Let Kensington Cruises help you CRUISE FOR FREE!! I have helped many customers over the years that have earned their way just because they love cruising and are not afraid to talk about it! Cruise Lines will reward you with free travel just for bringing other friends and family along with you on your vacation.

The More You Bring, The More You Earn!
Here's how it works... If you have enough people who are interested in taking a cruise together, then you can earn a free cruise. The cruise line will award a free berth depending on how many cabins your group books. This can be as few as five cabins for longer Caribbean, Alaska and European sailings or as many as eight cabins for shorter cruises.  Here's an example of the number of free beds you could earn if your group booked a 7 Night Caribbean Cruise:
8 cabins (16 guests) traveling = 1 Free Bed
16 cabins (32 guests) traveling = 2 Free Beds (1 free cabin)
24 cabins (48 guests) traveling = 3 Free Beds
32 cabins (64 guests) traveling = 4 Free Beds (2 free cabins)
100 cabins (200 guests) traveling = 12 Free Beds (6 free cabins)
Cruise Lines only award the value of the cruise itself. Port charges, taxes and government fees are not free and must be paid by the group. Each cruise line has its own group leader policy and they may vary depending upon the cruise line.

Free Cruise Berths
What you do choose to do with these free beds is up to you. Here are a few ways you can use your free berths:

Group Leader Sails Free
If you take the time organize the group, promote the group, coordinate with group members and make all the arrangements, it is not uncommon for the group leader to keep the free beds for themselves and cruise for free and even earn extra spending money if enough cabins travel. This is agreed upon in advance and is kept confidential from other group members.

Deeper Price Discounts
Some Group Leaders choose to take the value of the free berths and divide it among the other cabins on the group to provide an additional discount. Since the number of free berths depends on the number of cabins that actually sail, the additional discounts are applied as a rebate after the group returns from the cruise.

Onboard Group Escort
Some groups like the thought of hiring an on-board group escort to help coordinate on-board and on-shore activities. Although you may have to pay be a local pastor, radio personality or specialists in your group's field of interest whose participation may encourage others to join your group.