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With over 26 years of experience in the travel industry, Lori Berberian Pelentay knows cruising.
She has worked both on board ships and in the cruise line’s head office, handling every aspect of a voyage. She is considered an expert in the field, and has been featured in magazines and online periodicals as an agent who knows her business. One thing that sets her apart is her willingness to go the extra mile; every month, Lori goes over each and every booking and double checks to see if the price has gone down with the cruise line. If it has, she contacts the cruise line to make sure YOU are getting the best price possible! It does not cost you a penny more to use a travel agent...why not book with someone who is on YOUR side, working to get you the best price out there! One who will make sure you are taken care of...
Come Sail Away with Lori!
A travel agent can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in savings for her client...why not use an expert?
One who knows the Ins and Outs of cruise lines and cruise ships
One who has been all over the world on ships and can tell you what to see and do in each port
One who truly loves what she does and cares deeply about each and every one of her clients
One who will make sure you are paying the lowest price available through the cruise line
One who will work for you!
That travel agent is Lori Berberian Pelentay from Kensington Cruises!